About Us

What inspired me to set up Remarkable Adventure Trek in Nepal?

Trekking in the Everest Region not only took me near the world’s highest mountain, but also familiarized me with the root of the Sherpa culture, picturesque villages and the world’s highest monasteries, including many other interesting natural places that are irreplaceable, incomparable, and indisputable in terms of their locations, views, characteristics, and fame. Equally, some of the lush green forests of the Everest Region and the areas where there were fewer trees, made a huge impact not only on me but also on the life of my clients. Even after the trek in this region, they kept on talking about those mountains, for example, in their emails, and on social media. All these communications make me feel personal that the Everest Region is the best trekking destination in the world in terms of beautiful mountains. And only the trekkers with whom I had trekked there know that the Everest region is blessed with awe-inspiring mountains. Similarly, the Annapurna Region impressed me and my clients with the natural and cultural diversities that can be found only in that part of the world. Besides this, it also has the world’s deepest gorge, as well as the world’s highest lake, including the stunning panoramic view of Annapurna Ranges, Dhaulagiri Ranges, Mansalu, and Fish Tail Mountain.These highlights make the Annapurna region the foremost trekking destination of Nepal, after Everest Base Camp Trek. The famous trek of this region is Annapurna Base Camp Trek in which we will spend nights on the base of the Annapurna Range. This is great, isn’t it?

In Nepal, there is also a trekking destination called the Upper Mustang. Very few know that it is a desert, which has beautiful rivers and breath-taking mountains, including the Crystal Mountain and other mountains, composed of marine fossils. What makes this dessert very attractive is its remoteness, isolation, old traditions, location, dryness, and windiness. Each of these is beautiful and gives you a once in a lifetime experience. The trekking in the Himalayan desert on the lap of mountains can be done only in Nepal. Likewise, the Kanchenjunga region is another trekking destination, which gives trekkers a great opportunity to stand in front of the world’s third highest mountain. It gave the same feeling to me, standing in front of this mountain and other 8000 m peaks, and therefore I enjoyed my life as a trekking guide. I love to show my clients those mountains from a close distance. I have also done a challenging trek, such as Dhaulagiri Trek, in which I went near the world’s 7th highest mountain and 15 mountains which have an altitude of 7000 m plus and which has the French Pass (5,360m), Tukche Peak (6,920m) SitaChuchura (6,611m), the Hidden Valley, and the Thapa Pass (5,250 m) Whether it is Kanchenjunga or Dhaulagiri, I found my trekkers enjoying these regions equally to the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Showing the mountains to the trekkers is my job, desire, intention, and objective and supporting the view of the legendary Himalayan explorer and mountaineer Bill Tillman, ‘Langtang is one of the world’s most beautiful valleys, located in Nepal’ is right in every sense. A trekking guide like me, who had trekked in all the above regions of Nepal, also got an opportunity to trek in the Manaslu region of Nepal, including other rural trekking regions of Nepal. Each of these regions inspired me to do something for the trekkers, and in this way, I set up Remarkable Adventure Trek. I know what the trekkers like to see in Nepal. I have dedicated and will dedicate my objective solely to the trekkers’ satisfaction because I have trekked with the trekkers who are fond of seeing the highest mountains of the world in Nepal as well as the cultural diversities of Nepal by trekking, by being guided by a reliable trekking guide, by enjoying the service of the most trusted trekking company of Nepal, and on the basis of these, I guarantee that ‘Remarkable Adventure Trek’ has a capacity to fulfil all these requirements.

My Certificates and My Life as a Trekking Guide: 

The above-mentioned trekking is my experience, my interest, and my objective that led me to become the Founder and Managing Director of Remarkable Adventure Trek. My interest in showing the beauties of the Himalayas was so much that I had to complete my trekking guide course from the Government of Nepal of Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. To meet the expected desires of my clients, I completed the Intensive Wilderness First Aid Training course from KEEP, (Kathmandu Environment and Educational Project) and Altitude Sickness Training Course, the 2 basic elements that a trekking guide needs while trekking in the Himalayas. When I was working in one of the reputed trekking agencies of Nepal, I did all the jobs that were concerned with trekking, such as pottering, cooking, assisting as well as those responsibilities of a full guide, needed in the different Himalayan regions of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India. To know more about Remarkable Adventure Trek, find us on facebook, twitter, google plus, link dine and Instagram.ru lidovof lengthтрекинг этоak47фильтр насос бассейнтоварhirox