Best Trekking Season

While trekking in Nepal, there are so many things connected with you, for examples, some are budget, some are remoteness, some are altitude, and some are beautiful mountains. Of all these, weather can be pre-determined in relation to your desire to see the beautiful peaks in Nepal, and it is also the one that paves the way for a desired and favorable trekking in the shadows of the Himalayas. Weather that is neither too hot nor too cold is a motivating factor that will make you to do trekking. Traditionally, weather and trekking go together; divisionally, the weather comes under four heads.

Autumn (September – November): It is said that autumn, which lasts from September to November, is the best month for trekking in Nepal for weather is clear and favorable. Naturally, Nepal becomes beautiful in these months. Moderately, weather is on your side.

Winter (December – February) Winter is cold and a season of snow, which covers trekking routes, but it is better than monsoon (June and July). A cold winter still offers the view of the snow-covered peaks, which will cherish your eyes and takes your mind to the state of happiness and fulfilment.

Spring (March – May): Spring season is also preferred by trekkers because it is one of the best post-trekking seasons in Nepal. Gradually, temperature shoots up to the number, that is, from minus to minimum of 25 Degree Celsius. In this season, in Nepal, flower blossoms, for example, rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal, becomes the highlight of your trekking.

Summer (June – August): Summer is not fit for trekking in Nepal as the monsoon starts from The Bay of Bengal. This monsoon leads to flight cancellation, flood, and landslides. Sky is covered with rain bearing clouds. Mountains cannot be seen clearly due to an obstruction from fogs and less sunshine.

Every season has advantages and disadvantages. In summer, that is, in monsoon, we can do trekking in the Upper Dolpo because it lies in a rain shadow area. Bad weather of a season depends on the climatic condition of the world. Every part of the world is affected by this, including the Himalayan region.компания лидов.рфfacebookpro aimpointдешевые перевозкивиза в сша оформлениерассылка для сайтараскрутка сайтов