01: How far can I have success in the trip that I do in Nepal?

100% and more depends upon your fitness and areas of travel and trekking destination and at the right season with right company that fulfills all your imagination and expectations.

02: Where is Nepal located?

Nepal is located South East Asia between India and China where world highest Mt. Everest located and the Birth Place of Lord Buddha ‘The Light of Asia”.

03: What type of physical fitness do I need to have?

You must be reasonable physically fit as per the trip chosen with your doctor advice on medical ground. Some physical fitness programs, such as running, swimming, and hiking are recommended before you book for the trek. It is common to experience altitude mountain sickness during high altitude trek. For trekking in the high passes, you need to do an aerobic and running or jogging exercise at least few weeks or month after booking the trip with us.

04: Who will come to pick me up at the airport in Kathmandu?

The representative, guides or staff of Remarkable Adventure Trek will come to pick you look for the person with a sign board with your name or of the company written, soon our staff will receives you and then transfer you in a vehicle to your respective hotels in the heart of Kathmandu.

05: What type of accommodation can I expect in Kathmandu and trekking?

Three star hotel in Kathmandu on bed and breakfast. During trekking, we will provide you accommodation in a nice cozy guesthouse, lodges, according to the locations on route trekking and for camping we will provide you spacious two men tent with good quality mattress and meals prepared by our expert camping cook.

06: Can I book the trip now and pay later?

Yes, you can. Please see our Booking Conditions in our websites.

• Does the Bank will charge for its service?

Yes, If you prefer payment through credit card, please download, print and complete the PDF form https://www.remarkbleadventuretrek.com/credit-card.pdf and mail it as an attachment to info@remarkableadventuretrek.com, the photocopies of your passport and credit card (both sides) should be attached. For credit card payments, 04% extra will be levied on credit card as surcharge or processing fee.

07: Does this trip run even if I am alone?

Yes, it runs even if you are alone depending upon the areas of travel / trekking destinations on restricted areas we need minimum of 2-3 person in a group to obtain special permits like in Upper Mustang-Upper Dolpo-Nar & Phu and this also applies for Tibet as well in some conditions we run for a single person where the price will go high slightly to overcome all necessary permit formalities.

08: When I pay the remainder amount upon arrival, should I pay in USD or through credit card?

You can pay in USD or through American Express, Travelers Check, Master Card and Visa Card. There will be 04% bank levy when paying by credit cards.

09: What type of food can I expect during trekking?

All meals are healthy and hygienic prepared and served, while on camping trekking meals prepared by our expert camping cook serving hot (drinking) chocolate, tea, hot lemon drinks, pasta, tuna bakes, noodles, potatoes, eggs, “daal,” “bhat,” “tarkari,” bread, soup, fresh vegetables, apple pies, and pancakes are also available, our cook can do wonders even baking cakes on special occasion like Birthday and Anniversary.

10: Does Remarkable Adventure Trek provide water at high altitude?

No, Bottled water is easily available at lodges and tea houses. But if you want to buy it then it will cost you USD 01 at lower elevation and USD 04 at higher elevation. You can also drink from normal tap or spring water if you have a purify tablets, on camping we will provide and serve boiled water at no extra cost.

11: What kind of transportation do you use?

We use tourist vehicles, cars, minibus, van, 4WD, SUVs, Sutlej depending upon size of the group which will be air conditioned.

12: What are the best months for trekking in Nepal?

Nepal for all seasons, however February, March, April, May, September to November are the best moths, while July-August are wet monsoon periods one can travel also in December month; while May to September for Tibet and spring and autumn are the best season for Bhutan trips.

March to May wild flower blooming times on the Himalayan mid-hills.

13: What is the weather and temperature like in trekking?

During autumn the nights are cold in the mountains, but the bright sun makes the days pleasant and the temperatures from 20° C, falls to 5° C at night, between 2,500 meters and 3,500 meters. At higher altitudes temperatures range from 20° C to -10° C. Mornings are usually clear with clouds building up during the afternoon, disappearing at night to reveal spectacular starry skies. During the winter it is about 10 degrees colder. Early December usually has a cold climate, but this is also a good trekking season while December to February is cold months. A monsoon trek is possible if you are willing to put up with the rain, leeches, slippery trails and lousy mountain views. Flights operate throughout the monsoon to Lukla, Jumla and Jomsom. Mustang and Simikot lie in the Himalayan rain shadow, so trekking is possible in this region throughout the monsoon season.

14: I m a Vegetarian, do I have to manage myself?

No problems all lodge mostly serve vegetable items because they grow organic vegetable in their own garden we always recommend vegetable items for safe and hygiene wise.

15: Does the guide of Remarkable Adventure Trek have certificate from the Hotel Management and Tourism Center and of first aid training for high altitude?

Yes, our entire leading guides have received training from Hotel Management and Tourism Center. The guides also have undergone high altitude and First Aid training from KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Education Project) as well.

16: What safety equipment does the guide of Remarkable Adventure Trek carry?

In every trip our guides carries First Aid and medical kit, mobile phones and SAT phones for safety and precaution.

17: Does Remarkable Adventure Trek book international flights from Nepal?

Yes, we do as per client requirement for international flights air tickets booked with us if needed.

18: Can I charge my camera and mobile during the trek?

Yes, you can but remember to bring TWO or THREE pin universal travel adapters.

19: Can I use credit cards in the places during trekking?

No, you can only use Nepali Rupees during trekking; you can exchange money in Kathmandu at Thamel after on your arrival or can do it in Pokhara also if your trek is in Annapurna region.

20: How much additional money do I need per day in the mountain?

You can allocate USD 10 to USD 15 for lunch and dinner. USD 15 to USD 20 per person a day will be enough to buy bottles of water, chocolates and to pay for hot shower and drinks during trek.

In Kathmandu, 20 USD per day will be enough for buying meals and drinks in Kathmandu.

21: Do I need to tip my guide and porters? How much should I tip?

We recommend you to tip 10% of the trip cost. It is not a must; however tradition in tipping as gratitude started from early days of trekking and mountaineering expeditions and still practiced if you are well satisfied with the services can happily contribute.

22: Can I add extra days to my trip?

Yes, you can. We have also rafting trip, including bungee jumping as an extension trips with Jungle Safari and other adventure sports activities as well.

23: Will there be a place to store my luggage in Kathmandu?

The hotel in Kathmandu does provide free luggage storage services. So you can leave all your items that are not required for the trekking in the hotel.

24: Does Remarkable Adventure Trek provide PAC (Portable Altitude Chamber)?

Yes, we do provide PAC if you are spending night above 4,500 m. We provide you one if person or victims need it for emergency purpose.

25: How are meals on camping expedition?

Breakfast consists of porridge, muesli, cereal, omelet, chapattis or bread. Lunch consists of salad, cooked vegetable dishes, pasta and breads. Dinner consists of a variety of vegetables, meat, rice and pasta with a simple dessert. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are also provided. The Menu changes every alternative days so that you won’t be bored with the same kind o meals.

26: How fit do I need to be for a trip?

You should be medically and physically fit also be flexible and open-minded with positive thoughts because you are trekking in remote areas of Himalaya. The more fit you are, you will enjoy more as Nepal Himalaya with lots of uphill and downhill. You will be walking for 5 to 6 hours normally, but when you have to cross some high passes, you have to walk 9 hours, this is only for sometimes. More fit you are will have energy to cope with extra activities on the trip, as well. The best way to prepare for your trip is cycling, swimming, and jogging. 3 months will be more than enough. Games like squash and tennis will also help you, and so does uphill and downhill walks of few hours before departing for Nepal.

27: What happens in case of emergency?

In case of a serious and severe sickness or casualty, you will be evacuated and rescued by immediate helicopter services. Since you are entirely liable for all the expenses incurred in evacuation please make sure that your insurance covers Heli evacuation on Medical ground before booking trip in Nepal Himalaya with Remarkable Adventure Trek.

28: What Safety arrangements are being made for the trek?

We always carry comprehensive first medical kit and First Aid. Your trekking guide an experienced trekking guide, who knows how to tackle altitude mountain sickness, who knows how to handle during rescue mission and immediate evacuation such as using helicopter, guide also knows where and how to take you at the nearest medical post or hospital. Above all, your trekking guide has been well trained in Intensive Wilderness First Aid Training course. Our guide also carries a mobile who will contact Remarkable Adventure Trek as soon you need an emergency service; therefore, Remarkable Adventure Trek advises you to walk at your own pace, drink a lot of water, and take lot of garlic if possible it’s a Nepalese way of precaution tackling AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness).

29: Is there hot Shower and washing facilities available on trek?

Trekking in the Himalayas is an adventure holiday, so do not expect shower each day. Now days, some of the lodges up to 4,000 meters have hot shower facilities, depending on the trekking regions.

30: How much weight do we carry on the trek?

You will be carrying in your day pack things that you need for a day, such as warm clothes, drinking water, snacks, sun block cream, or whatever important things you need and think during the trek. Your duffel / kit bag will be carried by your porter.

31: Can we obtain the visa for Nepal upon on arrival at the airport?

You can obtain visa easily at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal. Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry for 30 days can be obtained by paying US $ 40. Similarly, Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry for 90 days can be obtained by paying US $ 100. For visa application, please bring 3 copies of your passport sized photos.

32: What are the Trekking Peaks?

Trekking Peaks are smaller alpine style climbing peaks of about 5,500 m to above 6,200 m can be climbed in day or two days. These peaks can be climbed even by beginners, who are fit, determined, or who have previously undertaken strenuous treks.’ Although previous mountaineering experience is an advantage, yet it is not that essential, however proper climbing gear required for the climb accompanied by expert local climbing guide for safety and to achieve an adventure of your life time experience.

33: What immunizations will I need?

We do recommend you for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, malaria, typhoid, and tetanus immunizations. We also recommend that you know your blood group. If you are suffering from any chronic disease, then please inform Remarkable Adventure Trek at the time of booking.

34: I would like to extend my holiday, any recommendations?

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