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Milan Adhikari was my guide on a Mt. Everest BC trek. He handled every part of the trip flawlessly from pick-up at Kathmandu airport to departure from the same airport.

Our transportation, lodging, meals, etc. were all managed by Milan. I highly recommend him.

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Sandesh Shetter USA May 27, 2017

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I went on EBC a year ago and Milan was our guide. Everything about the trek was well organized and I had the utmost faith in Milan, he took every care and was also fun and interesting. Loved the card games!

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Sonia Bennett New Zealand May 27, 2017

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Milan was my guide for my Everest Base Camp hike and seriously looked after me when I became sick. His professionalism and good humor definitely got me through. Recommend him and his company he took the time to really understand us and made what is a very tough hike a really fantastic experience.

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Rob Stanley Australia May 27, 2017

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Friday, 07 Oct 2016
Five of us had the pleasure of Milan as our guide on our Everest Base Camp trek a year ago. He was very helpful especially when I left my camera on the side of the track, he went back to find it and then chased it up with the police in Namche Bazaar and in Kathmandu. He was very attentive to our every needs making sure we were well fed and concerned when we were ill with altitude sickness. He provided a great commentary in an interesting and amusing style. I would highly recommend Milan and his company. It was a trip of a lifetime and good value for money.

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Neil Ryder 24 Bayvista Close Tauranga New Zealand May 27, 2017

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Toya was my guide on my trek to Everest Base Camp.He was extremely helpful, kind, and courteous from beginning to end. He went above and beyond to ensure that everything about my trek was a success. I was not in tip top shape and even developed a sinus infection when I began the trek and had my doubts if I should even endure such a challenge. Toya made me feel comfortable and confident the entire way. He went at my pace and never made me feel inadequate for the slow speed at which I was going. My trek through the Himalayan Mountains remains one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in life thus far and I owe huge thanks to my guide for making it happen!

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Michelle OBrien 38 David Dr May 27, 2017

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One of the founders of Remarkable Adventure Trek guided me and a group of 9 others up to Everest Base Camp. The attention to detail, caring nature and ability to keep everyone on the same track was fantastic - combined with perfect English and a great sense of humor even at the darkest of times.

I would highly recommend him and therefore this business to anyone seeking to travel to Nepal to trek in the beautiful Himalayas.ошибка 404ratмобильныхsimplaжерлицы зимние купитьвиза в болгарию в красноярскестоит ли ехать в испанию на пмж

Mike Barton Australia May 26, 2017

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