A huge Earthquake shook and destroyed Mid West and Mid-West part of Nepal with loss of life of many people; earthquakes of April 25th and May 12th, 2015 of 7.8 rector scale also killed more than 8,000 people; most of the people who lost their life and dear ones lived in towns, cities and more in rural farm villages. Just before the great tremor people were enjoying their holiday on Saturday among families, friends, and neighbors. They were unaware that a huge destruction would take place any moment on that peaceful and happy day. Suddenly the ground shook cracking the soil and building began to collapse houses were shattered, and people in a great panic running here and there for safety took refuge in low temporary shelters looking worried. As the earthquake took huge toll killing old, young, infants and children where 90% home in Gorkha district was completely destroyed with many loss of life; many women and men became widows or widowers, and at the same time became homeless. All these homeless people are living in temporary shelters and sheds at the same time looking at the horizon that somebody would come and help with support in building their homes and bringing back the normal life of the villagers. 7.8 rector scale earthquake was the dangerous earthquake that shook Nepal where people had ever experienced till now. To the homeless people, rebuilding homes is more than a help that they can wish from supporters and interested people from well-developed countries or from helpful and eager persons.

The people feels deprived at present that Nepal Government has not done anything to bring the village make the normal or smile on the faces of villagers. Nepal is one of the world’s underdeveloped countries in comparison to poor countries of Africa, some Latin America and Asia. A desperate country with heavy power cuts (load shedding of electricity) every day for long hours; it also lacks health and hygiene facilities; including lack of proper roads and transportation facilities and on top with a poor system of education. Nepal, a Republic country with a multi-party government system of unstable politician that rules the country with ill thoughts and governed by indecisive persons, Nepal Government, however, managed to rescue earthquake victims, but not efficiently and completely without a success. Many worldwide countries from a foreign land came up with support and aid to Nepal, especially supporting with financial help. Looking at the homeless people, did the Nepal Government really used financial aids properly? That’s where we need you, come and witness the true realities aftermath around Mid West and North Mid East life is miserable. Where and what happened to all the Financial Aid and support from worldwide countries where did it disappear the answer is Gone with the Wind. If you are interested rebuilding the home of the poor affected people and with your kind support, more efficiently and effectively than Nepal Government, we welcome you with wide open arms. We are Remarkable Adventure Trek, a trekking company, and we will take you to the remote and isolated villages where much damaged had taken place around Mid West of Gorkha districts, where you will see thousands of homeless people, and where you will be working at the epicenter of May 2015 Nepal earthquake.

Remarkable Adventure Trek highly appreciates your keen interest for help and support rebuilding and as well cooperating with us in guiding you with manpower, accommodation, transportation, and meal, and eventually, adds up “Poon Hill Ghorepani Trekking”. This trekking will be great a treat and experience for you. Gorkha has a historical monument, such as Gorkha Palace. This palace offers a superb view of the Trisuli Valley as well as the magnificent view of mountains with Annapurna, Manaslu, and Ganesh Himalaya range of peaks, and as you volunteer in the shade of fabulous views of mountains which will add joy at your work and a sense of great feeling that you have done some deed and helped distress people of Nepal affected by the earthquake of 2015. Above all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.


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